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Bird control

In addition to the cleaning up of guano (bird droppings) we can supply and install a full range of bird control systems from bird netting to spikes to daddy long legs and more!


We offer free site surveys and quotations and our IPAF trained operatives can install the recommended systems using MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms) ensuring a safe and professional service.


Our products include:

  • Bird netting

Bird netting is the most popular product for protecting structures against nuisance birds and when installed correctly is 100% effective.  The net provides an impenetrable barrier to the birds and is attached using hog rings to a tensioned steel wire installed around the periphery of the structure.  These nets are virtually invisible and cause no harm to the birds, merely forcing them to repopulate elsewhere. 


The nets themselves meet ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management Systems and are made from knotted polyethylene strands which are totally weatherproof and rot proof and resistant to U.V. light.  The size of the mesh is dependant on the nuisance bird species and range from 19mm for house sparrows through to 75mm for seagulls.


If access is required behind the net (for example to reach air conditioning units or lights), zips or clip systems can be installed.


  • Bird spikes

Bird spikes are primarily used as a humane deterrent for pigeons and seagulls to prevent them from nesting or roosting on cills, window ledges, roofs, signs, walls etc.


There are various spikes to choose from, the main deciding factor being the width of ledge (or other surface) to be protected.  The smallest spikes will cover a ledge just 25mm wide while the larger ones will protect ledges up to 275mm wide.  


Most of the spikes are made form stainless steel with a UV resistant durolon base and are installed with the use of an adhesive.


Specialist spikes are available which include ones which are clipped into gutters (while still allowing free water flow) and those which can be clipped to the bottom of the window allowing the window to be opened freely (which could not always happen when there are spikes mounted on the cill).

  • Bird wire

Bird wire is used mainly as a deterrent against pigeons and is widely used on window ledges, signs and walls to prevent pigeons from getting a firm foot hold and therefore preventing them from landing.  It is a good, long term and economical product to use when the pigeon population is relatively low and is virtually invisible even from close proximaty.


The wire is nylon coated stainless steel and is tensioned between posts that have been drilled into the ledge.  The number and arrangement of the wires can be altered in order to accomodate all widths of surface.

  • Daddy long legs

This product consists of stainless steel wires attached to a freely rotating disc and looks (to a small degree!) like a daddy long legs, hence the name.


It is ideally used on small surfaces like street lights and again prevents birds (primarily pigeons and seagulls) from landing.

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