Aim High (uk) Ltd: For all your window cleaning and building cleaning/ maintenance requirements!

Are you looking for a well-qualified, reliable and flexible partner to clean your building?  


We are a well-established cleaning company that has given great satisfaction to many customers thanks to our highly trained staff and our modern and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies.  


Our professional and tailored range of cleaning services allow us to efficiently and economically cater for the needs of commercial, industrial and public sector clients predominantly throughout the North West, the Midlands and the South West.



Our services include:

  • Window cleaning

Using state of the art water fed pole systems and traditional methods, we can cater for all types of buildings from commercial properties through to colleges, schools, hotels and apartment blocks - in fact anything up to 6 or 7 storeys high!

  • High access cleaning

Our IPAF certified operatives can safely and efficiently clean all those hard to reach areas of your building using top of the range MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms).

  • high level internal cleaning

Whether using extending ladders, stepladders, MEWPs or internal cleaning kits, our operatives are trained to use all types of access equipment to ensure every part of your building can be cleaned internally.

  • Bird control

Our IPAF trained operatives can supply and fit a range of systems to safely and humanely protect your building/ structure from the noise and mess of nuisance species of birds.  We also offer guano (bird excrement) removal and cleaning prior to the installation of bird control systems or as a service on its own.  

  • Communal cleaning

With the aid of battery powered back-pack vacuums and CAT systems, we can safely and efficiently clean residential and commercial shared spaces with the minimum of disruption to residents/ tenants.  

  • Cold room/ freezer room cleaning

Our IPAF trained operatives can effectively clean and sanitise your cold room and freezer room areas including:


- ceilings

- walls

- lights and fittings

- roller shutters

- fans

- floors


We can operate in temperatures as low as -25 degrees centigrade with specialist cleaning detergents and equipment.



  • Commercial bin cleaning

Our trailer mounted system is completely self contained and collects and recycles the water and detergents used in the cleaning process in order to satisy all environmental legislation.

  • Gutter cleaning and surveys

We have gutter cleaning systems that reach over 60 feet in height.  They use large 3300w vacuums to maximise suction and performance and can be powered by our mobile generators making this a truly self contained and mobile system.  We also undertake camera surveys and inspections.

  • Chewing gum removal

Our battery operated back pack systems allow us to effectively remove gum from a host of hard surfaces cleanly, safely and efficiently.  There are no trailing hoses or pieces of bulky equipment meaning that areas do no not have to be closed or cordoned off to allow us to work safely.


About us

Aim High (uk) Ltd is a family business built on traditional values and quality. Discover more about us and the services we offer.

About us