Chewing gum removal

Our gum removal machines are state of the art and can be used on a variety of surfaces (stone, tarmac, decking, entrance mats etc) to remove chewing gum, sticky labels, oil and even grafitti safely, quietly and with no disruption. 



The advantages of using such systems are:


  • No water spray – So there’s not gallons of water everywhere!
  • No external power source required – So no trailing leads causing a tripping hazard or noisy generators
  • No blowing sand out of joints
  • No need to barrier off areas during use, everything is self-contained in the backpack
  • No damage to surfaces from power-washing
  • Completely silent – cleaning operations can be carried out at night.
  • Portable and safe – cleaning can also be carried out during busy times, generating great positive PR and press coverage.
  • Environmentally friendly – our unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil based making it completely bio-degradable.